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Imágenes en el mercado de pulgas

‘Nearly a century ago, in 1924, Le Corbusier revealed in the pages of L’Esprit Nouveau the paramount role that mass media were playing in the emergence of modern culture:

“The impressive development of the book, of the press, of the labeling of the last archeological period, has filled our heads and blinded us. We find ourselves in a completely new situation, everything is known to us.”

When everything is known, everything can be used.’



rellam is a small design cooperative run by Andrea Gimeno, Lluis J. Liñán and Xevi Lluch. It operates intermittently  from places like Valencia, Houston, Malmö or Madrid. Their work oscillates, in no particular order, between design, research and teaching, and intends to leverage the interaction of these spaces of production in relation to specific themes and obsessions. At present, these themes revolve around smallness.