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Ser Formato

‘Simply put, a format is a heterogeneous and often provisional structure that channels content. Mediums are subsets of formats –the difference lies solely in scale and flexibility. Mediums are limited and limiting because they call forth singular objects and limited visual practices, such as painting and video. Mediums are analogue in a digital world. Formats regulate image currencies (image power) by modulating their force, speed, and clarity.’

[D. Joselit]



rellam is a small design cooperative founded in 2012 by Andrea Gimeno, Lluis J. Liñán and Xevi Lluch. It operates intermittently ever since from places like Valencia, Houston, Stockholm, Madrid, or Copenhagen. Their work oscillates, in no particular order, between design, research and teaching, and assumes that the most relevant architecture appears in the interaction of these spaces of production and always in relation to specific themes and obsessions. At present, these themes revolve around appropriation as a conceptual practice, and as creative methodology.